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My daughter finally left home to search for her own niche in the society. Her adventure begins while my empty nesting starts. Any mom would understand what empty nesting is or anyone who did not go away. While I start to wallow in misery, my brother called and asked if it would interest me to enter into a songwriting competition. To my recollection, the feeling of being recognized is indescribably incredible which I last felt in the year 2017, month of May, when my student (Yuka) brought home the crown to be the Jazz Vocal Queen in Japan. This year, she passes on the title to a new champion. Nothing really exciting is happening so far on my 2018 Spring. Sometimes, spring can really hang you up the most. So back to my brother. Pipo (that’s his name) asked me if I’m interested to join a songwriting contest in which the theme is ‘Destined for Greatness’. He literally says that I should use my emotional pain to be creative. Really? I love my brother. Therefore wrote some lyrics, melody by him and voila, submitted our song, then totally forgot all about it! I’m writing this to document a very important chapter in my life. The organizers emailed my brother informing him that our song got on the top 10 finalists, chosen from entries by other songwriters nationwide. How did I feel? Numb, motionless, speechless, adrenalin rush through my veins, palpitation, shock, dumbfounded, felt like struck by thunderbolt and lightning (very frightening) astonished, shaken up, and all the other words Wikipedia has that meant surprised. The universe works in many mysterious ways and I believe that this is a part of God the Father’s plans. After all, He wants only the best for His children. Hallelujah Lord! Definitely happy and jumping for joy. The competition isn’t over yet, but I guess there’s no harm in writing this so that history won’t forget it. On my next blog, I will attach the song but for now, I am sharing the lyrics that got us into the final 10 of this competition:


EMPTY NEST by Lorna Cifra Shimojo

So what’s next Lorna? Oh dear, I’m actually speaking to myself. I recall many moons ago, while I was driving my car on my way to the supermarket, I was thinking out loud and enumerating the list that I’m suppose to buy on that day. My daughter, then 10 years old, sitting at the back caught my attention and said ‘Mama, that’s dangerous’, and I asked ‘why’? She replied ‘ you’re talking to yourself’, now slap your two cheeks’ implying that I’ve gone deranged or doomed for dementing, ergo, I need to slap my face.

You probably think I’m becoming a loony or perhaps gradually losing my sanity, so to speak. Yes, correct. My daughter is leaving home in two weeks and I find myself rearranging the furnitures, throwing unwanted and unused stuff that I’ve accumulated every time I go out shopping for her, usually for her, not for me. Well, that’s how moms are, children become your priority above all else, forgetting that one day, kids will grow and will eventually find their destiny or soul-search, (which I myself has been doing a lot lately) and tell their parents, break the sad news that they’re moving out. I prepared myself for this. I gathered some amount of emotional, mental, psychological, most of all spiritual strength so that when that day arrives, I’m ok. I wish my husband was here to comfort me, and as a single mom, the thought of being away from your one and only child is doubly heart-wrenching. Indeed, the cliche ‘easier said than done’ certainly is true.

After her graduation ceremony, we go separate ways. I’ll go back to my house, and pretty sure will be empty nesting, while she flaps her wings and prepares to conquer the world and all its’ intricacies and complexities.
I’m letting her go with an open heart and wrote a to-do list while she starts enjoying freedom.

1) To check on me once in a while, to find out if I’m not deceased yet.
2) Pray everyday
3) Find the nearest church
4) Choose your friends in business
5) Not to forget her vitamins
6) Remind her that I will always be a call away, anytime she needs me. As in anytime.

We have a joint account as well, just in case she runs out of cash, withdrawing would be convenient. Separate ATMs. The bond will stay forever. I’m still paying her phone bills, until she decides to get married, (who knows when and who). There you go! The answer to my question. What’s next? Continue to be a mom, only on a different level. Besides being her mom forever, I will be her friend, her advisor, her mentor as she enters into the world of capitalist corporate world where monsters live out there to devour the newbies. My daughter is a fighter, a survivor even at a very ripe age. What can I say, I’m her mother. I’m here for her to memorialize that I will be 2 steps behind her forever. The journey continues.

Why is it necessary to have a purpose in life? by Lorna O. Almeda Cifra

Having a purpose in life is the very essence of one’s existence in the universe. We were created and along with that comes the purpose why we live. Who do we live for? What do we live for? If there are no definite answers to these questions, what right do we have to breath the air, drink water, enjoy the sunshine each morning we wake up, have friends or fall in love?

Humans are created and composed by a DNA structure that only a person of extremely high intellect can conceive. Scientists have proven that theory. Not even Albert Einstein know the complexities or the formula for creating a human person. Some believe that there is indeed a Supreme Being , which a lot of them deny (that there is a God) who is the only one capable of DNA creation. The physical, mental, emotional and psychological complexities may only be created by the Highest form of authority. If indeed, up there in the unknown, is a Supreme Being capable of creating a person, he/ she/ it is absolutely smart as well to create a person and assign a task to his creation. That task is that purpose. If you are created to be a talented musician, then logically, your purpose is to share and spread your knowledge and talent. If one is assigned to be a doctor, his purpose would be, let’s see, to save life? Indeed!

Can you imagine a live human person with all his senses and faculties functioning well and not knowing what to do with them? It doesn’t make any sense that a very intelligent creator will create without a reason for that person to exist. We all have a purpose. It might take sometime to figure it out but it is imperative that one should live a life with a purpose so that when his existence comes to an end, a legacy will be left and passed on to the next generation and live according to their assigned purposes. Otherwise, there is no need for DNA and robots might as well rule the world.

6 years ago 

Today, 15th of September would have been Tetsuro’s  (my husband) 64th birthday. I would be prepping up to go to the department store and find him the finest gift he deserves, after all, he’s the love of my life. Finally, after hopping from one store to another, I end up with nothing. What should I give to a man whose best birthday gift ever is to be with his family? A home with a wife and a child to look forward to after a long day at his office? Time and again, I would casually ask him on what he wants for his birthday and to which he would reply that having me and my daughter Rachelle over a simple home cooked dinner will suffice. 

       The intangibles, those were more important than an expensive watch, a Burberry (his favorite) shirt, the finest whiskey or wine, a pair of Bali leather shoes, the latest Apple gadget and what not. What could be more important than tight hugs, our stories for the day, the sound of our laughter behind every corny jokes he would throw at us, his dream of seeing our daughter finish school, find a good job and eventually get a decent husband, to see his future granddaughters and grandsons and I can go on and on. He had them all orchestrated that when he retires, he will live his life to the fullest by simply enjoying the role of a husband and a father and we all would sit at the dining table on all his birthdays, the same way over and over again,  until we grow old, grey haired and just waiting for our time to be called back. Those intangibles stopped 6 years ago. Cancer. Terminal. Longest he can survive, 1 year. Why? 

       What has gone wrong? Am I not serving him the right food on the table every mealtime?  Did I forget to remind him to take his vitamins or see a doctor when he is physically ill? Did I take it too easy to think that he was always healthy and robust? Did I not deserve to have a good husband longer than I expected? I have millions of unanswered questions. What else can I do but accept the reality that the powers to be wanted him home. I question myself, why can’t we go together? He was so good to me. The best husband any wife would wish to have. God blessed me to have him for a certain period of time, short but with mutual profound love for each other. I can’t thank the Lord enough for those unforgettable joyous moments we once shared, but at the same time, asking for a miracle to let me see him even in my dreams, like 5 minutes so I can greet him Happy Birthday, and tell him that nothing has changed, and that I love him very much. When Tetsu passed away 6 years ago, I mourned, wallowed in misery, drowned into the sea of blue and green, and sometimes I ask myself, did I make an attempt to make little steps forward? As I write this, I’m thinking no. 

       I reflect upon what might have been if he is still with us. He would have been proud to see his daughter march on her graduation day. That would have been his best birthday present ever. 

       I still hear the ringing of the church bells, eerie and sad. The sound of the birds bitter and yearning . Yet, I need to allow myself a moment to believe that one would leave the other. Question is, who goes first. I decide to  remain in the vision, in my pure imagination that Tetsu is alive and well.  That vision is a new place for me to see him. Another way of living. 

CBCP urges Prayers with Muslim brothers 

An Insurgency expert was interviewed by an infamous journalist, whose network is very popular over social media, regarding the declaration of Martial Law in Marawi City. We all know that Marawi city was attacked by the Islamic State of Iraq led radicals or people who use unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims, or for lack of better words, (terrorists) last May 23, 2017. 

Battle of Marawi, is an ongoing armed conflict in Marawi, Lanao del Sur, that started on May 23, 2017 between Philippine governmentsecurity forces and affiliated militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, otherwise known as ISIS, including the Maute and Abu Sayyaf Salafi jihadist groups. 

His opinion on what the government should do in this verbatim ‘Autonomy region is the solution to ISIS attack. The country is in trouble according to that insurgency expert. While I listen to his analysis, I questioned myself, free Mindanao? Seriously? Independent from the republic? Are there better opinions around? The President declared Martial law and as far as I know, the war is not over till it’s over. This is the time to pull ourselves together. To be united as Filipinos and warriors of Christ so that we can finally achieve peace and live in harmony right in our own country. 

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines appealed to the government to deal with the threat posed by the Maute terrorist group in Marawi City following its clashes with soldiers being shot and innocent civilians.

In a statement issued by CBCP , it urges Catholics to pray with Muslims for peace. 

CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan archbishop Socrates Villegas has expressed the Catholic Church’s alarm over “reports that Islamic State flags now flutter over Marawi City” in Lanao del Sur.

“We call on government to deal with the threat without wavering and without compromise,” the prelate said.

He also called on Filipino Catholics to pray with their Muslim brothers and sisters, saying they have always believed most Muslims to be peace-loving people.

In an issue stated by Archbishop Socrates Villegas and I quote ‘we call on the occupiers who claim to worship the same God that we all do not to defile His name by bloodshed,” 

The CBCP added the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for many terrorist attacks all over the world.

To storm the heavens with prayers is what we need to do in this seemingly desperate situation and that is what exactly what the CBCP is asking us. These terrorists are out of control. They reportedly raised black flags all over the city as a symbol of their allegiance to the extremist Islamic State.

Residents took to social media to post photos of black flags, continuing gunfire, air strikes, burning of buildings and the local gunmen’s presence in the streets.

To Jesus, through Mary are the weapons of the legionaries of Mary. Our country is in dire need of spiritual intervention. When guns and air strikes are not working anymore, we resort to prayers as our last solution, when both should be done all at the same time. Let us pray both for the military and the radicals as well. For our soldiers to be shielded and protected and that they may be able to go back to their homes and families, alive and safe. For the enemies to be touched by the hands of God, to be given wisdom, so that they may realize that in the eyes of God, we are all brothers and sisters. 

The prelate is hoping the government can bring back peace soon as people have longed to go back and live a normal life. 

In an article I read, an interreligious movement has appealed for prayers and nationwide participation in the “Prayer for Peace in the Philippines” initiative to be held on July 7 at 12:00 noon to be aired on national television. 

The convenors believe that prayer for unity changes things, so they are asking all Filipinos from every faith and sector of society to pray with them for peace in the country.

“Anywhere, everywhere. Filipinos are urged to pray wherever they are.”

Organizers of a community called Pasa Lord Movement said people can come together with family, friends or their communities and churches in their usual prayer venues, or gather in groups at their work places or their schools.

The movement is composed of ordinary citizens from various faiths and denominations including Catholics who are mostly from Charismatic groups, Muslims, Protestants and Evangelicals.

Let’s look at it this way, if a community like Pasa Lord Movement could come up with an appeal like that, what more with a larger community like us, Legion of Mary? Legionaries of Mary, spiritual soldiers, let us march forward for peace and unity and best of all love. 

He is not Bro. Diony for Nothing

img_0172I used to have profound conversations with my parents, specifically my father, about anything under the sun. I normally would ask him just one question and he would enumerate several answers. My father who was a journalist back in Mindanao, being the city editor of Davao Sentinel and a contributing writer of ‘The Mindanao Daily Tribune’ have tons of stories hidden in his pandora box. I would unearth all those untold stories by interrogating him time and again.

My dad, Diony Cifra Jr, a born journalist endeared  by his fellow legionaries as bro. Diony is likewise a born legionary. Just as he would always tell me that I was born for music. I am a witness to his unconditional love and devotion to the Blessed Mother. He started attending the Legion of Mary when he decided to leave his career as a journalist and decided on becoming an under bar lawyer instead by enrolling in San Beda Law school. He considers the Legion of Mary as his second family next to us. He made it a point that he continues on with his journalistic talent by becoming a ghost writer for several priests and officers of the apostolic community while he was attending the Legion meetings every Sunday with no absence. To him, not attending a Legion meeting or making excuses like being busy with whatever reason is a crime, unless he is deeply sick and about to drop dead, attendance is a must.  The Legion of Mary is his top priority.

Years after his devotion as a member of the Legion, he rose from a member to a Curia officer and later on became the president of the Senatus of Northern Philippines, off and on. He found a venue to continue his love for writing. As a writer, he is passionate, firm but polite, straight to the point with no qualms about any subject he would write about. When I see him typing with his manual typewriter, without looking at the keyboard (he’s great in typing) , he will not allow disturbances. When an idea comes to his mind, he would start typing his idea non-stop. The story  just naturally flows from his brain to his fingers. As soon as the sound of the typewriter stops, we all know that his story is done. Most of his stories are about his love for the Blessed Mother, his parish, his Monsignor, him being the legionary of Mary, the junior members, the officers’ responsibilities towards the Legion, the role of the Catholic Church, the Vatican, Legion Handbook, apostolate, how to be a faithful servant, how to build a family based on Christian values and I could go on and on.

When my father read the first essay I wrote in high school, he uttered, ‘Sweetheart, (he calls me , Tart) , (now I am missing him dearly), you have talent for writing’. I just shrugged my shoulders and I said I was just writing from my heart and soul. Then he follows it up with, ‘you are not only good in music but writing as well’. ‘Anak, that’s how writers are, you write because your heart tells you to do so’. I don’t need writers like Ophelia Dimalanta, who was my professor in literature way back, to validate my knack for writing. My father’s validation is more than enough.

As soon as he came up with the idea of printing the first Senatus Bulletin, he wasted no time and had confidence that the Bulletin will be his legacy. I just keep on praying that the wisdom he instilled to his fellow legionaries would continue that legacy. The Bulletin gave him life and rejuvenates him  issue after issue even after his first heart attack.  My brother Pipo and I are privileged and grateful to the Senatus officers to be given the opportunity to keep the Bulletin circulating to this date.

27th October is my dad’s first year death anniversary. I want to pay tribute to my father and my mentor in life, by announcing to the world that his legacy continues while every legionary reads the Senatus Bulletin, while a legionary regularly attends  weekly meetings, while humility is continuously observed, while apostolate works are being done wholeheartedly without expecting anything in return. To us, his children, he is the best father one can ever have. He is a legionary and he is not Bro. Diony for nothing. We miss you so much and we love you Dad.

Nativity and the Legionary

     To neglect someone’s birthday is to say we do not love them. God forbid that we would even forget our own mother’s birthday. Yet, this is what many Catholics do with Jesus’ mother. There is only one reason why we should celebrate. It is the birthday of the mother of Jesus our Savior and Mary being our heavenly mother. It is just the same as saying that to forget our own mother’s birthday is unthinkable.

     In conception, Mary was created and filled with spiritual gifts and blessings but she was shrouded by the mystery of the womb. When She was born, she was introduced into the society of man. Born to the light of the world, her mission to be the universal mediatrix and co-redemptrix officially began, much in the same way the birth of Jesus Christ had. 

     I have had the privilege to have endless conversations with my father, (known to many of the legionaries as Bro. Diony), about his love and devotion to our Blessed Mother and his undying support to the Legion of Mary. He opened his publishing business after realizing that being in mainstream journalism would only endanger his life and he named his company, Madonna Printing Press after the The Madonna and Child or The Virgin and Child and is often the name of a work of art which shows the Virgin Mary and the Child Jesus. The word ‘Madonna’ means “My Lady” in Italian. Artworks of the Christ Child and his mother Mary are part of the Roman Catholic tradition in many parts of the world including Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, South America and the Philippines. Paintings or otherwise known as icons are also an important tradition of the Orthodox Church and often show the Mary and the Christ Child. That was the first manifestation of my father’s profound love to Mama Mary. 

     He met my mother through the Legion of Mary which my father thinks is the best gift he ever received. She was a legionary too. His prayers to Jesus through Mary was to be blessed with a loving wife and obedient children to the Catholic faith. In my opinion, Mama Mary answered all his prayers. His love for Mary never ceased till his last breath as we celebrate his 1st year death anniversary on October 27, 2016. I know that in exchange for all the blessings and the goodness of the Lord to his family , there were sacrifices to be made, and that is his one hundred percent devotion and attention to the Blessed Mother. He missed some of his family’s celebrations such as birthdays, bienvenida and despedida parties and many more, all because he had to go to a retreat, or attend a Curia meeting, go to the darkest and deepest streets of the slums to bring the message of Christ, September functions, Nativity, Immaculate Concepcion, Assumption celebrations and what not. All about the Blessed Mother. My mother would be disappointed and one time in my early teens, I confronted my father. I literally told him that he is never around on family gatherings. He simply uttered, ‘we are blessed because of my absence at home’. His love for the Blessed Mother got us to better schools, live decently and experience the finer things in life. I am not saying that he was not around all the time, rather, he spends more time with the Legion. I know how much he loves us all. Not even going through heart infractions stopped him from serving. To my father, it was through the Blessed Mother that despite the turmoils we face, we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves up, see the light at the end of the tunnel and continue to live a spiritually fruitful and happy life. 

     Let us make a space to remember always in our hearts on what the ‘Handbook’ says: ‘Especially does the Legion aspire after her humility and above all her faith, that virtue which has in her alone been found in its utmost extent and never equalled.’ And it is the one thing each of us prays for every day. Again, Humility and Faith. 

     As I write this, I believe in my heart that my father is in control of the keyboard, typing these words and I am just his messenger. As legionaries of Mary, we look at her as our heavenly Mother and the Queen of all queens. Is it appropriate to question whether her birthday has to be celebrated or not? Let us not forget the reason why we chose to be in the Legion. We are given the opportunity to show our affection and respect to our Heavenly Mother. On behalf of my father, Bro. Diony Cifra, Happy Birthday Mama Mary. You will be forever loved, adored and hailed as the Mary full of grace.

R.I.P. To 44 Fallen Commandos

  • image I wrote this blog on the 30th of January after the massacre of the 44 members of SAF that horribly took place in Mindanao. I did not post this because during those days, the issue was very controversial and my dad advised me to not meddle with my already troubled country. It would be like adding insult to injury. Now that Noynoy Aquino will soon be our ex president, I thought this is the right time to say my piece. This is how some political analysts would look at Pnoy (President Noynoy Aquino of the Philippines) as the Commander in Chief. While his right hand is busy with the finality of the Bansamoro Basic Law, to which the population of Maguindanao consists of mainly MILF members (who are allegedly the people behind the massacre), him trying to be the gentleman and the diplomat, rubbing elbows with the leader , which I find ‘incredibly ridiculous’, (knowing that these are the same people who were involved in the number of massacres that occurred several years back) fervently hoping that they will finally surrender their arms and embrace peace with the government, Pnoy’s left hand is persistently persuading the Senate to have this BBL implemented until at least before his term ends. So what happens now? Not everybody agrees with the BBL, trust is of the essence and as far as the MILF is concerned, my instinct tells me that they are not worthy of that. The BBL has a long way to go. It still needs a lot of reading,interpolations, discussions, amendments and a hundred percent consensus by the Senate and even more, a referendum for the entire nation. It can not just be implemented, not now or more so not ever. The MILF has been consistently defending themselves that they are  not the culprit of these tragic massacres but in reality, they seemingly are. If only we have an extraordinarily observant leader, with strong political will, conviction and discernment, he should be smart enough to be able to read between the lines. History shows that MILF do not follow the rules of ceasefire and the leaders should not be too assuming that after BBL, the whole country will at last live in peace and harmony. Harboring international terrorists is unforgivable and unacceptable. The person rooting for the BBL was the same person who gave the go signal to attack without vigorous planning. Pnoy wanted to take the credit and show the world that he has a legacy to leave before his term ends, but at the expense of SAF and innocent civilians and individuals? Unfortunately, the mission failed and the massacre goes on and on till the present. BBL will never be the solution or if at all there will be a solution. Long and tedious planning , then maybe, just maybe peace will be achieved only if people, Christians and Muslims alike will realize the meaning of human respect and compassion. I condemn this tragic event and I have no words to the wives , children and family of the SAF fallen commandos. War is stupid and the people perpetuating it is even more stupid. And I quote Miriam Santiago’s line, ‘Life is Hard but it’s Harder when you are stupid.’ Filipinos killing Filipinos. Is not that a humongous act of stupidity?

Passport and Family

It’s a beautiful Christmasy morning this 22nd of December 2014. For the first time in so many years, I won’t be home for Christmas because of so many things that transpired which I thought won’t allow me to book a flight before Christmas. My passport is expiring within 6 months and international aviation law says that a person whose passport is expiring in 6 months will not be allowed to travel. I was advised by Immigration to renew my passport as soon as I can. I wish it was that easy. I hold a Philippine passport even if I don’t basically live in my own country. I did not know that renewing means getting your new passport after 45 working days. I renewed it first week of October and considering the bureaucratic system and red tape in our government, 45 days is not a guarantee. That would mean I might not be home for Christmas if I don’t get my passport at least by first week of December. I was right. My passport arrived on the first week of December , the same week when my mother was rushed to the hospital due to pneumonia. She was critical. Since my passport was not on my hands yet, I had to make a decision to book my flight to Manila after Christmas just to be sure. As of this moment while I’m writing this, my mom is at the ICU and we are hoping that she recovers. The delay of the arrival of my passport is the biggest reason why I decided not to spend Christmas with my family. Plans have been made and much as I badly want to be home to see my mother, I won’t be able to.
I’m not blaming my country or anybody for my life’s turn out of events. I realize now that we can’t control things all the time. The world owns us. The entire universe owns us. We don’t even own our passports. I wish there were other ways to make life more manageable but then again, I guess it will always be a struggle. Even to renew your own passport..