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Aquino on Standing Against Time

Becoming a President of a country that had nothing but a zero balance in its’ monetary reserves, a country ruled and governed by (if not all) a lot of corrupt and dishonest officials, bureaucracy, old school political traditions, a very ill-disciplined citizenry, a country where most of the people do nothing but whine, bicker and complain except do what is good and moral; is not a joke. I agree with the writer’s take that with a lot of struggle in the president’s leadership: the international community, world bank, foreign investors are obviously still attracted with the rebirth of our nation. Foreign retailers are starting to open and if I may mention some, Japan’s Uniqlo, Yoshinoya, and now Family Mart are now being seen in major cities of the Philippines, USA’s Forever 21, H&M retail store, not to mention the addition of more Starbucks franchise, Macdonald’s , TGIF and so on and so forth.
Government transparency is the bottomline. Reality check, any investor will be attracted to a government where everything can be openly investigated. President Aquino’s government advocacy is Transparency. And this is shown in their SALEN or Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net worth which means disclosure of the officials’ assets, thus gradually solving the problem of corruption. It is too open that people who see any thoughts, ideas, opinions in social media, minus the newspaper, television and radio take those insights subjectively and can easily impeach the incumbent President if the citizens want to. Honestly, I don’t see another EDSA revolution coming. Filipinos believe that our present leader is equated to honesty.
Granting that President Aquino makes wrong decisions in choosing his constituents and dumping officials that to some people are the Presidents’ victims of bullying, I can still forecast progress. I live abroad and I look at the country from the outside. I see international news never been heard in Philippine television, read articles never been read by a local, heard opinions by my co-workers who are all foreigners saying only one thing, the value of the peso is going up against the dollar, the yen and all other monetary units.
This only explains that we have earned the trust of the international community , less intimidation to OFWs, less racism, less stereotyping that our country is hopeless. I overhear people of other races saying that the Philippines is a country to reckon with. A country that needs constant monitoring because one day these foreigners on the other hand would want to seek greener pastures in the Philippines. Who knows? The world is round.
Indeed, Aquino government’s worst enemy is time considering that his term is about to end in no less than 3 years. I will start to question our country’s plight when we elect our next president. For now, I am not complaining. To the future president, I wonder, would he be able to continue the legacy of progress or would he pull down our country back to the deep well? I hope not.
On this note, I’d like to finish this with the the words of the late US President JFK, ‘Ask not, what your country can do to you, but ask, what you can do to your country.’ Let’s look at ourselves in the mirror and perhaps make some more reflections.